A journey to the moon with love
Pilihlah untuk redha. Walau ada seribu alasan untuk kecewa. Hakikatnya kita hanya seorang hamba. Dia yg lebih berkuasa.
2 JAN 2016

The new me

I have my new life
I have my new story
You know, I'm a happy girl in a big world
No more sadness
But all the pain that I have felt before makes me more strong,
more thankful and more matured
People come and go. Yeah, its true but dont ever makes someone give up on you that
who always trying to be the best for you
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you Allah ,
because You have open my heart to change and open my mind to think deeply what I was done
And ,
Thank you for him
because you came into my life, and you did teach me a lot of things even a small matter
you make me knew how to handle myself, mylife and all around me
I'm really appreaciate you
I dont know how to explain what i'm feel but
I need you, a lot more than you think
Lastly ,
Thank you to my past
Without my past I cant stand by myself for my future
I learn a lot from my past even my tears always dripping
But now I'm a strong girl
Sorry my past , I have to move on
The all pain that you gave to me , make me want to find my happiness
I'm not give up but I choose the better way for myself
I'm still learn about life and will learn till forever
because learn from mistake is better than do the same mistake again and again :)
Thank You Allah for everything ...

"You have a choice, you must choose the better way, 
then you will always have the chance to 
change you to be a better you"