A journey to the moon with love
Pilihlah untuk redha. Walau ada seribu alasan untuk kecewa. Hakikatnya kita hanya seorang hamba. Dia yg lebih berkuasa.
2 JAN 2016

If i was a diary;

If I were a book,
I choose to be a diary,
Let me neatly stored,
but still needed more.
If I was a diary,
I want to wait,
when will they grieve,
I'm still ready to accompany him.

I want to be like that,
for I heard every single one
of the soul that has always stuck
I keep waiting here.

*to those who need help, just look for me,
Insyaallah, I will help to cope. people must help other people who need help, right? :)

memory is an inspiration
while the wounds of a maturity
statement defined a tough lesson. ;)