A journey to the moon with love
Pilihlah untuk redha. Walau ada seribu alasan untuk kecewa. Hakikatnya kita hanya seorang hamba. Dia yg lebih berkuasa.
2 JAN 2016


A bird That still looking the wings. 
Simple words in which a bird who is looking for its wings, it is also strange why find bird wings??. 
but that's how I interpret and likens myself like that. 
Why birds?. Why bird wings could find "her, even though birds have a package created equal wing" it and ready to fly.
I likens me like a bird who is looking for wing "I mean it, I'm looking for identity as a young child who is learning and learning is always wrong in the future I am sure will get the beautiful scenery and to explore the many beautiful places with wing- I had found wings"