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2 JAN 2016

i'm tired with my life;

The majority of people, when asked if given the chance to turn back on the past and facing its own allegations, it seems you could not? hee majority also gives the answer 'not willing'. They said the difficult and very painful to experience a second time but if given to me a second chance to turn back time, I might be able to because it brings happiness. Suspected ripen us, right? so, what is our second time would be more perfect than the first because we already have experience. right? :) but the opportunity was not there, chances are there now we can only make things worse is a lesson and vow not to repeat it again. ;)  

All people have their own life story just up to individuals to make decisions on how. We have never been forced to become what is desired by others, but better be the best right? Yes, I'm still too young to be mature, but the allegations came to make me want to be a very adult. Sometimes I feel tired and no longer able to face all this. : ') I'm confused with myself. Has someone who understands my situation? I do not want this appearance happen, but what the state power, has become a document of destiny. Far corner of my heart, I hope to have another chance to redeem my errors and still waiting for things that can not be sure. Wish I was able to overcome all sorts of allegations. I was feeling a million years will not change unfortunately.. ;'D                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               What was the end of this life, if only mourn for something that is past? Does not work any right on us? I know all but why it is difficult want to forget? Very evil to me until you torment me like this? I hate this feeling. Heyyy, go far away laa. To back my heart. I am very grave here, know what?. ;'/